To put it bluntly, Zone-H is nothing more than a poorly designed social networking site for script-kiddies. What they've done is encourage web vandalism by giving everyone their own platform to stand on.

The guy who started this explanation is prolly a hater and hasn't a clue about the different people who post on zone-h, of course a lot of them are scripties, but come on; there are pen-testers and people who have gone through extensive study to develop their own set of hacking tools to do the things they do, even though there are already tools out there with which they could do this. . .the thing is; when performing a real hack, a real hacker is not always as dumb as to put their name[s] to their work; especially when getting info; or in some people's cases: money; that the hacker shouldn't have access to.

therefore: it would be great to do a few defacements and put your name by it.