Xtreme iTalk is an general discussion Internet Forum with a broad array of topics to discuss, ranging from gaming, to movies, to sex and relationships. It is owned and administrated by Taylor Hewitt, an Internet entrepreneur. His goal is to make it one of the Internet's biggest general discussion forums.

Taylor Hewitt has had many attempts at this and all of them have failed due to hosting problems or life interruptions. Xtreme iTalk first opened February 1, 2006 and has grown to 145+ members and over 16,000 posts. There is an average of a hundred or so posts a day by members who care about the forum as much as the administrator himself does.

The administration team is made up of one administrator and a couple global moderators.

Xtreme iTalk is known for it's positive and open attitude towards homosexuality, masturbation, and sexuality in general. Any form of discrimination including racism and homophobia will not be tolerated and are severely punished.

The majority of active Xtreme iTalk members reside in Canada. There are many other active members who are from the United States and the United Kingdom, but there are members from India, Australia, China, and all over the globe.

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