SellingCR is a web based company that provides Costa Rica news and real estate information.

Origins and HistoryEdit

SellingCR was founded in 2007 by Don Halbert, in Dominical, Costa Rica. The founder set out with one goal in mind. To become the #1 information and promotion site for southern pacific areas of Costa Rica. While accomplishing this SellingCR also intended to help the very communities in which we reside and therefore give back to Costa Rica in many ways. A quick glance at SellingCR will show the dedication to helping non-profit organizations like the lifeguards of Dominical and the DLT - The Dominical Little Theatre .

Originally the name SellingCR was never intended to be used for realty as much as it was to "promote" Costa Rica. SellingCR is selling people on Costa Rica and all it has to offer!

Due to the popularity and growth of the site a sister site was formed to deal with thoes interested in buying in Costa Rica.

BuyingCR was formed and launched on July 1st, 2008 by Don Halbert. BuyingCR was to be the best online resource directed towards people looking to buy Costa Rica real estate available in the Costa Rica market.

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