Pokemon Battle Domain or PBD for short is a new site that will offer Pokemon Trainers a more fun way of battling. You can battle using Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Pokemon Platinum.

Link Edit

Click on Pokemon Battle Domain to go to the site: Pokemon Battle Domain

Whose in Charge Edit

The Administrators and Moderators are in charge of the site.




Sir Matt

Featured Pokemon Games Edit

PBD currently has two domains. One for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and the other for Pokemon Platinum which doesn't open until March 22, 2009.

Competitions Edit

Pokemon Battle Domain features competitions for the Pokemon games where trainers battle to try and win prizes. Some competitions may have diffrent rules so read each competition description carefully.

Standings Edit

The standings is where all the Trainers wins and losses are recorded. Trainers can advance their position in the competition by winning battles and competitions. If a Trainer remains in first place for a long period of time he/she will win a prize.

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