Phone My Phone is a start up website designed and built by David Parkinson. David originally designed Phone My Phone for people who misplaced their cell phones. People misplace their cellphones all the time. Now all they have to do to quickly find their cell phone is to get on their computer, go to Phone My Phone, type in their cell phone number, hit CALL and it won't take 'em long to locate their phone.

This is gonna open up a HUGE can of worms. It's the perfect crank call generator. You could use it to call your ex-boss's cell at 4am in the morning on Sunday. You could do the same to your worst enemy. You can use this service over and over again. Someone, somewhere could be dealing with hundreds of phone calls in the middle of the night. You could use a library computer, or even your friend's computer. You could "borrow" somebody's laptop temporarily and drive someone you hate crazy from someone calling them every hour, on the hour all night long. This would be an excellent way to get back at your boss or ex spouse or your in-laws. The possibilities are endless, and could take infinite forms.

Phone My

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