Open and Free Technology Community, or OFTC – located at – is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network for open source and free software. On the internet, OFTC has the role of providing chat services for some free software projects.

OFTC describes itself as having been "founded at the end of 2001 by a group of experienced members of the Open Source and Free Software communities aiming to provide these communities with better communication, development, and support infrastructure."[1] Like Debian, OFTC is formally a project of Software in the Public Interest.[2] Though in theory OFTC can provide other services, currently they specialise in OFTC.

Their web site does not describe who is using the network; however the developers of Tor, the onion router, are known to use the network in channel #tor.

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Comparision with Freenode Edit

Among users of Freenode, OFTC gained recognition when at 1 April 2006, there was an attempted April Fool's Joke to convince OFTC that Freenode had shut their servers and redirected to OFTC.

From a comparison of policies, it appears that the community for free software project x can register the channel #x on either network. If you want to chat about project x, but you are not the developers of x, you would use ##x (about x) on Freenode or #x on OFTC; the project x could later take over #x on OFTC[3], but ##x on Freenode always belongs to the first group that registers it[4].

Both networks support Tor users; Freenode has an explicit policy to support users connecting from Tor, while it is not surprising that OFTC is said to support users connecting from Tor, given that OFTC hosts the channel for Tor development.

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