msgurl is an online service that provides short aliases to long URLs.

The msgurl website has a text box to enter a long URL. For each URL entered, the server adds a new alias in its database and returns a short URL such as If the URL has already been requested, msgurl will return the existing alias rather than creating a duplicate entry. The shorter URL is forwarded to the longer one.

As the name of the service says you can attach a message to the URL, but it's fully optional.

Short URL aliases are seen as useful because they're easier to write down, remember or pass around, are less error-prone to write, and also fit where space is limited such as IRC channel topics or email signatures. Also some email clients impose a max length at which they automatically break lines requiring the user to paste together a long URL rather than just clicking on it. A short URL alias is much less likely to become broken.

Additional featuresEdit

Msgurl also gives you an XML API programming interface and a Bookmarklet. You can use the bookmarklet on your browser's toolbar to simply shorten any urls with a single click. Also there is a time to live option what you can define while generating the short URL.


The very convenience offered by a msgurl also introduces potential problems, which have led to criticism of the use of msgurls.

Msgurls are opaque, hiding the ultimate destination from a web user. This can be used to unwittingly send people to sites that offend their sensibilities, or crash or compromise their computer using browser vulnerabilities. To help combat such abuse, msgurl allows a user to set a cookie-based preference such that msgurl stops at the msgurl website, giving a preview of the final link, when that user clicks msgurls.

Msgurls also introduce a dependency on a third-party service that may change, go away, or maintain privacy-compromising logs of user activity indefinitely.

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