Minda's Inky World is a livejournal blog written in Ink via Tablet. The author uses a Toshiba Satelitte R15 S829 to post.

The author is a married college student living in Tennessee. She enjoys reading, history, and hopes to become a teacher after college.

Various topics are discussed on Minda's Inky World. The author discusses new software or technologies she is trying and talks also about her life as a college student.

The ability of ink blogs to be found on the internet is very important. This is because it gives the younger generation another ability to express themselves, through the use of personal style and handwriting. Tablet PC's are a new type of computer used by many people worldwide in their personal and professional lives to increase productivity and organization. Minda's Inky World helps to describe the life of a college student who is using a Tablet PC. I (the owner of Minda's Inky World) would like to see other students worldwide who are using Tablet PC's describe their lives and what they use for their educational needs.

Ink blogs are rising in numbers and soon more ink blogs will be found. Comments from other INKBLOGGERS can be found through almost all of the topics.


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