Mutt™ is a text-based MUD client for Windows systems. It was written by Bob Free in 1994 as the first scriptable Windows-based MUD client.

This should not be confused with Mutt, an open source e-mail client that was released a year later bearing the same name.


Like most other MUD clients, Mutt™ supports triggers, and scriptable actions.

What makes Mutt™ notable is the fact that it fits in a 32K binary footprint, and that it supported multi-threading in Windows 3.1, before Microsoft provided threading support in it's 16-bit operating systems.

Mutt™ supports a C-like scripting language called MUTTER™ that allows users to automatically respond to trigger events occuring on a connected MUD.

3rd Party Add-ons Edit

Kynn Bartlett has provided TinyMUTT utilities for TinyMUSH and FurryMuck MUDs.

Etienne Varloot has provided MUTT™ Compagnion to provide macro aliasing.

Pete McVay has provided a MUTT™ WinHelp file.

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