FANDOM is an Internet company based in Fremont, CA founded on July 3, 1995 by Ben Chiu. The company operates a comparison shopping site (a.k.a. price engine) designed to enable people to research "what" and "where" to buy computers online.

The company differentiated itself from its competitors at the time by normalizing same products (that appear under different names) and including detailed specs, user reviews and personalization features.

In 1999 KillerApp was acquired by CNET Networks in a stock swap valued at 54 million USD. The employees and technology were rolled into CNET's commerce services group and the website has been integrated into CNET

The word killer app is an abbreviation of killer application. It describes any application that creates a sustained market for a promising but under-utilized technology (in this case, software that uses the Internet to enable people to find the best price for any given product).

Originally, the service was called The Computer Price Cruncher before adopting the KillerApp moniker and domain name in late 1995.

Network of sites Edit

  • KillerApp Computers - compare prices for computers, peripherals and software
  • KillerApp Electronics - compare prices for consumer electronics
  • KillerApp Express - compare prices for enterprise and IT products
  • KillerApp Chinese - chinese joint venture with
  • KillerApp Music - compare prices for music CDs and tapes
  • KillerApp Books - compare prices for books
  • KillerApp Videos - compare prices for movie videos and DVDs
  • My KillerApp - personalized product tracking and price alerts

Site metrics Edit

  • 14 million page views per month
  • 500,000 unique visitors per month
  • 150,000 leads generated per month
  • 125,000 products catalogued
  • 1.5 million prices updated daily
  • 360 participating merchants
  • 50 product categories covered

Accolades Edit

  • "Top 5 computer shopping sites" – PC Magazine
  • "No. 1 most efficient shopping site" – Mecklermedia Internet World
  • "No. 1 hardware/software shopping agent" - PC Magazine
  • "Perfect 4-star shopping agent" - Yahoo! Internet Life
  • "No. 21 best destination Website" - POV Magazine
  • "Easiest comparison shopping site to use" – MSNBC

Investors Edit

  • C.S. Ho - founder of Mitac/Synnex and honorary chairman of Computex
  • Ming Chien - chairman of First International Computer, Inc.
  • Charlene Wang - president of FIC and daughter of tycoon Y.C. Wang
  • Cher Wang - chairperson of VIA Technologies and daughter of Y.C. Wang
  • Nick Horng - former executive of Formosa Plastics Group
  • Albert Wu - chairman & ceo of Infopro Group
  • Jimmy Wu - president of Dragonvision Intl Corp.
  • Robert Su - former Director of National Business Information Centre
  • Jean Liu Chang - managing director of Primus Investment Inc.
  • Heayoon Woo - attorney, Venture Law Group
  • Tae Hea Nahm - attorney, Venture Law Group
  • Peter Ow - president of Everex Inc.
  • Benson Lee - senior developer, KillerApp

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