Template:Article for deletion/dated Template:Advert Template:Infobox person Johnny Jet (born John Einar DiScala on May 31, 1969) is a US-based travel expert and the Editor-in-Chief of, a travel information website. He has visited over 70 countries and chronicles his experiences around the globe on Johnny has appeared over 3,000 times in numerous publications,[1] including The LA Times,[2] Outside Magazine,[3] USA Today,[4] and Travel and Leisure Magazine[5] among others. He has made television appearances on CNN,[6] Tech TV,[7] Fox News,[8] and various media outlets worldwide. He also hosted Hot Spots 2012 [9] for the Travel Channel.

John E. DiScala is the fourth child of Attorney Francis J. DiScala and Jeanne Hansen, both of South Norwalk, Connecticut. He attended Marymount College in Palos Verdes, California and completed his college education at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, where he also played lacrosse.

After graduation, Johnny began working at Marymount as a high school recruiter. During this time, Johnny began posting travel tips and safety suggestions he had picked up while visiting recruits to a website entitled Officially launched in 1999, the website was meant as a resource for his friends and fellow recruiters. Johnny simply posted his own observations and ideas, mentioning and categorizing honest internet- and travel-related resources.

In early 2000, Laura Bly, writing at the time for USA Today, discovered and published a story on to the front page of USA Today's Life section.[10] On that day the website's small server strained under the weight of 100,000 unique visitors.[11]

In the years since, has grown into an online travel portal designed to provide users with a one-stop online resource for everything travel-related. As reported by Skift, the 2013 Portrait of American Travelers found the website to be among the most visited online travel communities.[12] Each week, publishes a detailed newsletter[13] that chronicles his travel experiences and features a roundup from the week in travel. Visitors to can sign up for the newsletter, as well as theTravel Deals and Daily Travel Tip newsletters the site launched in 2013.

In March 2003, Johnny Jet published a collection of his online travel tips, websites and resources titled You Are Here Traveling With[14] He is a regular speaker at the LA Times Travel & Adventure Show,[15] the New York Times Travel Show,[16] and other major trade shows including the Digital Media Travel Symposium in 2009[17] and TBEX Europe 2013.[18] Johnny is also a member of the Society of American Travel Writers.

Johnny now appears on Leo Laporte's The Tech Guy radio show on Saturdays and is a regular guest on Peter Greenberg Worldwide[19] and Bob Sirott’s WGN Radio in Chicago.[20]


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