Declaration of our Mission Parameters Edit

  • The bolded Declarations below comprise the Mission Statement of this Internet Wikia.
  • This Wikia is about the Inventions leading up to development of the Internet.
  • This Wikia is about the Inventors who contributed inventions which paved the way for the development of the Internet.
  • This Wikia is about the Individuals who developed the Internet.
  • This Wikia is about the development of the Internet, from its early beginnings through the present.
  • This Wikia is about the development of the various technologies which made it possible to develop the Internet (Plastics, telecommunications, electricity, networking, computers, silicon chips, wireless devices, and many others).
  • This Wikia is about all the Internet Technologies that existed in the past, are in use today, and will include all the new IT under development now and in the future.
  • This Wikia will include Reviews of the significant websites on the Internet.
  • The above Declarations comprise my initial Vision for this Wikia, which is subject to revision by others, since a Wikia is a collaborative project.

-- Jeb (founder of this wiki), February 2006

This Wikia is about the development of the Internet, in the timeline from its earliest beginning, to the present, then to the future. We will discuss all inventions that helped create the Internet. Start with earlier technologies such as the telephone and the computer. Then we have core Internet technologies such as TCP/IP, email, ftp, gopher, Usenet, and the web. Present innovations include the web forum, the wiki, CVS and Subversion, the social bookmarking, and the online game. to future possibilities, such as the development of a self-aware Artificial Intelligence. The Internet will help to greatly accelerate the development of the fields of Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Information Science, Cognitive Science, Robotics, and then strong Artificial General Intelligence (both non-biological and augmented-human) which are already in the process of convergence which will catalyze the advent of the Technological Singularity, possibly within the next 30 to 40 years.

This wiki is also about the inventors. We will discuss the important individuals who were directly involved with the development of the Internet, from Apache to SSH, from Yahoo! to At this Wikia, we will review the major Internet websites.

We will also discuss the bad parts of the Internet: spam, trolls, and hijacks. Various kinds of Malware will be discussed, including but not necessarily limited to: Spyware, Trojans, Dialers, Computer viruses, Botnets, Phishers, Worms, Key Loggers, and numerous other Internet pests. We'll discuss the Anti-malware organizations on the Internet that are dedicated to helping people that are experiencing problems caused by malware on their computers.

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