Indictments of ryan andrade wiki (Also known as Ryan Andrade Wikia incident, Ryan Andrade Wikia attack or Ryan Andrade Wikia raids) that incident occurred in september 27, 2016, and ended in december 14, 2016, was event of ryan andrade wiki of user ryanandradeabreu the wiki being send news

Event Edit

on September 27, 2016, the page created ryan andrade peemyself created account default but was removed to the request reason founder. founder has posted again default entitled (Disabled Anonymous on Wikia Log Features) its recreation of pages that will be banned and re-create the pages on ryanandradeabreu removed the page article ryan andrade peemyself removed due to founder request violation of article.

the user ryanandradedeabreu announced the apollo missions 1 to 17 but was final in 1972.

ryanandradeabreu uploaded gif titled Rickroll of appear gif bizarre and funny over comment his gif Rickroll.

on 28 september 2016 user Guestanon reply to (Disabled Anonymous in Wikia Features Log) writed "welcome to troll wiki" the user ryanandradeabreu replyed "the troll wiki? never Lol" brazil user ryanadradedeabreu added page rules to cause be blocked of users american and United Kingdom got schocked out.  

in 28 October 2016, the youtube user ryan900 studios strikes 2 videos after being taken down or removed the video. over ryan900 studios is protected copyright laws  

(Date Unknown) ryanandradedeabreu removed the thread 'Disabled anonymous in wikia features log' due to author request  

on november 23, 2016, at polandball wiki in the image of north koreaball viewed changed the flag at the talk page has deleted by BainTheCool that has incident of internet  

Aftermath Edit

on december 14, 2016, a youtube user ryan900 studios removed with video 'MTS Oceanos - the tragic death of sea' due to unkown reasons on the webiste on the page 'Current projects' the table of oceanos model removed for no reason. on december 21, 2016 at scratch user ryanandradedeabreu announced at thread 'i relaunching the ryan wiki (ANNOUNCEMENT)'

Relaunch Edit

The Wiki relaunched as Ryanpedia has last created 6 articles

Gallery Edit

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