Im in ur... is a popular internet meme.

Origin of the memeEdit

The exact origin of the meme is disputed. Theories on the meme's origins suggest the first use may have been in the online game Counterstrike or Command & Conquer, but other theories suppose that origins of the phrase are much older - dating back to the late 1990s, during the heyday of online Starcraft play.

The Starcraft theory is that the meme started with "IM IN UR BASE KILLIN UR D00DZ" said during one particular episode between two players of Starcraft named 1337h4x (leetspeak for "Leet Hacks (hax)") and n00b. 1337h4x rushed into n00b's base and sent him the following message:

I am in your base killing your d00ds.


Its basic meaning is as a taunt, suggesting one has launched a surprise attack on the home or people of another, without the victim's knowledge.


Variations of the original phrase, in the form Im in ur <noun>, <verb>ing ur <noun> or similar, appear on many web forums and other Internet discussion boards for humorous effect.


The catchphrase has been remixed in many forms on Internet forums and chat rooms. One of the most popular remixes of this is the famous picture of a cat in a refrigerator eating the food, under the caption "IM IN UR FRIDGE EATIN UR F00DZ" (see example at Flickr). Others have included phrases such as "IM IN UR GARAGE STEALIN UR WHEELZ", "IM IN UR HOUSE TAKIN UR SEATZ," "IM IN UR OCEANS, SINKING YOUR SHIPZ," and "IM IN UR BASE STEALIN UR TECH."

Variations of the phrase have appeared as image macros, contributing to the popularity of the phrase. The images commonly feature pictures of cats in unusual situations, with variations of the phrase humorously suggesting the cat's motives.

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