Great Deku Tree, often abbreviated as "GDT" was a Zelda fan site created in or around 2001. Starting off as a small hub for Zelda information, it soon took off as being one of the dominant Zelda sites found on the net, only trailing to some other familiar sites such as "Zelda Universe" and "Ganon's Tower". The site owner and webmaster was Mitch, and his online alias was "Attrox". He was the man behind it all, he paid for the site, and created the majority of the content found within the site. Other contributers include Dan (Rocksteady) and Keith (Oni-Link) who were content specialists and both had obtained the title "co-webmaster" at one point or another.

By 2004 the site had been closed due to lack of interest in all the staff. The domain was sold off and little has been heard of from any of the people behind the site. Forum members found refuge at the site (Hyrule The Land of Zelda), but most have dispersed to unknown areas.

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