GlobalGuide.Org is a website which integrates Wikipedia and Google Maps.

On a typical GlobalGuide page, using an embedded Google Maps image, users will have added geographically-based locations - cities and towns as well as other types of locations such as places of interest. Once the location has been added, text is displayed from the relevant Wikipedia or other wiki entry.

Technical detailsEdit

Wiki interfaceEdit

Users have the choice of choosing articles from the Wikipedia, Wikitravel, WikiInfo or GlobalGuide's own wiki. GlobalGuide does not link directly to wiki articles. Instead, articles are embedded within the pages using software adapted from GetWiki. A user will specify a new geographical location and also specify which wiki article is to be used. Wiki articles are then lifted from the Wikipedia (or other Wiki) and embedded.

Like projects such as which uses the same technique and unlike such projects as the Placeopedia which link directly to Wikipedia pages, this has a certain disadvantage that articles can become out-of-date unless a user "refreshes" the location from the Wikipedia.

Wiki links that do not resolve to a location are displayed as "encyclopedia" articles if the user clicks on them.

RSS feedsEdit

GlobalGuide allows the association of locations with RSS feeds. When a visitor to the website goes to a location, if an RSS feed has been set up, the message board for that location is refreshed with the new items from the RSS feed.

User articlesEdit

Users may write their own material to be included in the project. If articles are not suitable for the Wikipedia, they can write within the GlobalGuide Wiki and specify that as the source of a location article.


The GlobalGuide.Org project was established in 1998 and grew out of the original Virtual Hebrides project, a website which pioneered the use of the internet in the Western Isles of Scotland between 1994 and 2000.

In 2001, the website rebranded itself to cover areas outside of the Hebrides.

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