FANDOM was a website run by Al Amaloo and as of Oct 17, 2017 it no longer exists as ot once was. It published cheats and tips for many games on a variety of video gaming systems. It is affiliated with GameFAQs. As well as this, it features a news section, a reviews database and forums. The forums are large and cover many topics not covered by the rest of the site. They are ranked #1019 by Widely acclaimed by such magazines as Game Informer and other published works as the San Francisco Chronicle, it is a very popular site with many different sections.


The website's forums ( are where Gamewinners really shines.

They were added to the website in October 2000, and remain vastly popular for both game help and general community spirit. They are currently run using vBulletin.'s forums are staffed by a few long-time members who volunteer their services to keep things running smoothly.

  • The forum administrators are Blind Guardian, Isis and VashTheStampede. Al Amaloo is still an administrator at the forums (as, obviously, but only in spirit.
  • The administrators recently put into effect a system of "rotating" super-moderators every three months, and those three places are currenty staffed by the members Neo Matrix, shortkut and Video Gamer.
  • Approximately 100 moderators keep the hundreds of individual forums operating efficiently on a daily basis.


GameWinners has customized logos for special events. Some examples are a Zelda logo, a Christmas logo, and custom logos for various promotions, such as Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and Panasonic.

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