Gabbly Chat, or just Gabbly, is an Ajax project that allows visitors of a website to chat with other visitors in a real time interface. This way the users can discuss the website's subject, and talk to the webmaster if he or she is available. By adding in front of a URL, the regular page will load, along with a small chat window.

Gabbly launched on March 11 2006, and hit the front page of Digg. Their story of the Digg experience can be found on the gabbly blog. [1]

Features Edit

Gabbly embeds quickly in almost any site without the need to install any software or create an account, and can dock along the right or bottom side of the page. Users can mute other users and instantly change their name. Gabbly can play sounds to alert users to new messages, and it keeps a RSS history. A number of widgets have been made for Gabbly. You can register to create an account, and to get a personal avatar.

Privacy and Legal Issues Edit

Use of Gabbly may lead to a number of concerns regarding data protection and privacy issues. Personal information divulged using Gabbly may infringe data protection legislation in some countries. It should also be noted that Gabbly does not appear to be registered with the US Safe Harbor agreement, a voluntary agreement aimed at companies in the US which agree to comply with legislation in EU countries which covers compliance with certain data protection principles.

In addition, adding Gabbly to a third party Web site may give the impression that the service is hosted by the Web site, which could potentially lead to concerns over the legality of such a service.

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