GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) is the fourth-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States. It provides auto insurance coverage for more than 7.8 million policyholders and insures more than 12 million vehicles. As a member of the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies, GEICO is rated A++ for financial stability by A.M. Best Company, and ranks at the top in customer satisfaction among property and casualty insurers according to the 2006 American Customer Satisfaction Index survey. GEICO writes private passenger automobile insurance in the District of Columbia and in all U.S. states except Massachusetts. Edit

GEICO’s company Web [1] site where visitors can get a free rate quote, purchase and manage their insurance policies, learn about the company, apply for a career and more. The site was launched in 1995 and continues to be updated to better serve its customers. has been honored for it’s excellence with a variety of awards including a Webby Award and Web Marketing Association’s WebAward. GEICO also earned top honors from Customer Respect Group that evaluated how auto insurers treat their online customers. Edit

An interactive Web site created in February 2007. Viewers are early for the caveman's party, and are allowed to roam around the apartment and interact with the special features while he gets ready. Viewers can open magazines and books, listen to his iPod, check out the high-end electronics, wander around in the kitchen and even play in the bathroom while the caveman is showering. Viewers should be aware, the caveman gets annoyed easily and will comment on what visitors do as they poke around.

To visit the interactive crib as the caveman prepare, go to [2]. It’s so easy a caveman can do it.

My Great Rides Edit

In 2007, GEICO launched a social networking site, My Great Rides, for motorcycle owners. My Great Rides is a place for cycle owners to share stories about trips they have taken on their bikes, as well as post pictures of their motorcycles, and comment on other members’ stories and pictures.

External links Edit

1. GEICO official Web site

2. Caveman's Crib

3. My Great Rides

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