Freewebs is a free website creation and hosting site. Created in 2001, it now has over 17 million users, and over 20 million websites. Lately Freewebs has branched out and made the social networking site Pagii.


Freewebs was founded by the Mokhtarzade brothers, Haroon and Zeki to make the internet accesible to everybody and to protect users rights to free speech, in 2001, after a sudden burst in .com activity.


To promote the company, Freewebs is mentioned in every freewebs users address. For instance, if you crated a website titled 'Dragons', then it would not be labeled, it would be, or
Now there is the option of premium membership, which is between $4.16, and $20.83 a month, depending on what plan you have. The advantages of going premium are unlimited pages, no ads on your site, live online chat with a support staff, a domain name, and more.
In 2008 Freewebs completely remodeled the editing system, adding a widget bar, background music and even background music. Tha=ey also added more to the aesetic appeal as well. At freewebs, you do not just edit your website. There are extra things you can do like making and e-mail newsletter for your website, adding friends, a public profile, adding you site to google searches, even posting your blog updates fo Facebook!

Current ApplicationsEdit

Freewebs has a wide variety of features which alow you to fo alot of stuff, they have stuff like Calender, Members (people can login your website), forum, state of the ark photo and video viewers, Wiki (just like this), and more! Best of all, there's no coding needed. You can see what your adding, and you can see what your editing when you edit it. So theres no lame html <lame>

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Freewebs Corporate Site

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