Freenode is a Internet Relay Chat network, and a project of the Peer-Directed Projects Center. The IRC network is at, port 6667. (You can also use other names such as "", "", or "", which forward to Freenode.) Their web site is at

Compare and contrast with Open and Free Technology Community.

Tor and Freenode Edit

Yes, you can use Tor, "the onion router", to connect to Freenode. The rumour that Freenode would drop support for Tor is not true. This is despite several attacks against Freenode via Tor, Freenode can establish temporary blocks on new Tor connections, while channel operators can quiet or ban Tor users.

In contrast, a MediaWiki wiki such as this one, or any Wikia, must block each Tor exit node separately to resist an attack.

#wikia Edit

Wikia is the host of this wiki. Their channel has room for the Wikia staff, for several Wikians like you. Discussions include problems and configuration issues with Wikia wikis, questions about how to use the wikis, off-topic discussions, and discussions about Wikipedia, since no one ever seems to discuss Wikipedia in #wikipedia.

When Wikia registered this channel (after the move from #wikicities), they opted not to have ChanServ join this channel. is a web portal that brings you to #wikia.

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