Introduction Edit

Hello I'm Sgt.Banks the founder of Elitepedia. Here is the link to the website:

What is it About Edit

Elitepedia is a website that is about the popular XBox game Halo. Here you may make articles about any thing Halo. You may make your own fan stories and you can join one of our five user groups.

Who's in Charge Edit

Elitepedia is strict about there Administration rules. There is currently only two Administrators. They are Sgt.Banks and Zuka 'Anthanee. Zuka 'Anthanee was elected the second Administrator of Elitepedia.

Rules Edit

We don't have many rules at all. More will be added as the site's comunity grows.

Here are the rules:

1. No sockpuppeting. If you must change your account notify Sgt.Banks imediatly and wait for the ok.

2. No fannon. The only places fannon is aloud is on the user page, fan stories, some articles (must have permision first) and on the messages.

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