dillonsMP3 Source is an upstart mp3blog. Started August 1st, dillonsMP3 Source has grown to gain thousands of visitors a day. The focus of dillonsMP3 Source has been to review new music, as well as allow users to experiance music that may be new to oneself. The goal is that one will listen to a single, like it, and then buy the cd at a later date.

Legal Edit

The idea of a mp3blog has been a controversial one. Many believe that giving away "free" music is not only a bad idea, non-profitable, but illegal. dillonsMP3 Source takes the legality seriously. dillonsMP3 Source has disclaimers on it's front page, as well as an in depth Terms of Service. dillonsMP3 Source also provides contact links for artists to ask to remove their music from the blog.

Future plans Edit

In the future dillonsMP3 Source plans to grow emensly. dillonsMP3 Source plans to have a huge searchable library with such great features as a "you might also like..." toolbar. The idea of dillonsMP3 Source is user functionality. The user is the heart of any website, and that is what dillonsMP3 Source focuses on.

Domain changes Edit

Because of the high bandwidth associated with a musicblog dillonsMP3 Source has changed domains. The new domain will be, but for now it is

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