Dancingmokey is a website created by wintermute and ttb. A forum with no more of the have and have-nots, idiotic flaming and the rest of the typical pitfalls of on line forums is the main goal of the site. This is a free site and access to special areas is rewarded for providing contnt. Although it is a non-for-profit site, they do accept donations to help pay the bills. Originally a mispelling of a domain by wintermute, they stuck with the name as it's just silly and pointless and they figured that captured the spirit of the site. Originally, wintermute wanted to use dancingmonkey and was suprised to see the url open. It was open because he made a typo and forgot the last "n". Idiocy be damned, he went forward because "mokey" was a fraggle and the idea of a dancing artistic fraggle seemed funny. The site is in no way affiliated with Fraggle Rock or Jim Henson Productions.

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