Bang Bang Bonanza is a free internet video podcast. Know to fans as BBB, BBB realese an episode approx every month documenting the memebers of the 'BBB Crew's activities from the last month.

To distribute the podcast the Crew use Youtube and MySpace for Promotion.

The crew have devoloped a lot of friendships that appear in the show such as the frequent use of 9 Days Down music

BBB Crew

Name Age Nick name
Elliot Bobin 15 Ell
Warren Fairbein 17 Ash
Luke Perdrisat 16 Ghost
Michael Bobin 13 Mic
Suzan Horne 16 SuziJ
Oliver Harris 16 Oly Filth
Nathan Stanley 15 Nath Drunk Stanley
Luka Milich 13 Token Forgein Kid


Episode Number Month Content
#01 October 06 London MCM Expo
Halloween party
'The Room'
#02 November 06 An Interview with 9 Days Down
'The Oven'
Naths Adventures In Drunkland
#03 December 06 Cradle of Filth Line
Naths Drunken Ramblings
BBB Meet Up
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